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Bahamas Government Launches “Haiti Emergency Assistance & Reconstruction Fund”

The Government today announced that a Special Haiti Emergency Assistance Fund is being established with a view to providing an organized and safe way for members of the Bahamian community to contribute towards emergency assistance and restoration efforts in Haiti following the devastating earthquake in that country on Tuesday.

The Government has liaised with the Chairman of the Clearing Banks Association to facilitate the collection of donations for the Fund at bank branches for deposit into a specific Haiti Emergency Fund.

The Government will undertake to ensure that donations received are directed to the Government of Haiti for use in its recovery efforts or to identified international charities and first response organizations rendering assistance on the ground in Haiti.

The Government advises that assistance to Haiti is being coordinated with the member states of Caricom and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA).

Caricom efforts are likely to be coordinated from The Bahamas Embassy in Port-au-Prince which fortunately did not sustain damage during the earthquake.

Prime Minister Ingraham urged Bahamians to be “generous” in their donations. “Natural disasters impact all of us at one time or the other and it is important that we give when we are able.” Funds received will be made available to the Haitian government or other international relief agencies in Haiti,” he said.

 “We will seek to ensure that donated funds reach the agency best able to assist the largest number of Haitian victims of the earthquake.”

To assist in this effort the High Commission would be hosting a fundraising appeal on Friday, 22 January 2010, from 6 to 8pm, at Bahamas House.  For more information, please contact the High Commission.

Bahamians in the United Kingdom who are not able to attend the event can still donate by either sending a cheque made payable to the “Bahamas High Commission” (please indicate somewhere on the cheque that it is for the Haiti Relief Effort), or by making a deposit to the following bank account:

Barclays Commercial  Bank

BHC Government Ministries Account

Account Number:    30444979

Sort Code :               20 65 82




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