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The High Commission informs that the date, 27th May 2016, for the advanced poll for the upcoming constitutional referendum has now been changed to 31st May, 2016. Due to this change of date, the new deadline for voter registration is 20th May 2016. Please be aware that voters are registered by submission of the Form J, that can be downloaded below, via email to Any Form J's submitted after 20th May, 2016 will not be accepted.

The current legislation allows ONLY for students and Bahamian Government workers, their spouses and any immediate member of the family living within their household,  to register and vote from overseas.  Any individuals outside of these categories, i.e., Students, and staff of the Bahamas High Commission, Bahamas Tourist Office, Bahamas Maritime Authority and any international organization to which The Bahamas is accredited;  may register and vote only in The Bahamas. 

The provisions do not apply to persons in the above categories who are domiciled overseas.

Please see the guidelines below for further clarification.  Also, queries may be put to the High Commission, by telephone, post, or email.

If you qualify, and have already registered in The Bahamas, you may apply to be allowed to vote from overseas by completing Application Form J, available below, and submitting same to the High Commission, along with supporting documentation (copy of Passport and evidence of eligibility; e.g., copy of student visa). for the attention of the Election Revising Officer.

If you have not yet registered to vote and would like to do so through the High Commission, please contact us for an appointment.


Application for Enrollment as Overseas Voter (Form J)

Interested persons should contact the High Commission for an appointment. Persons who apply to register must produce their Passport and must satisfy the Revising Officer that they are ordinarily resident in a constituency in The Bahamas.  They must also provide two (2) passport size photographs.