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On Saturday night, 3rd June 2017, several attacks took place in the London Bridge and the London Borough Market areas. Although the attacks were reported unlinked at the time, they have been now classified as acts of terror due to ongoing investigation and efforts by the Metropolitan Police. As a result, 7 persons lost their lives and 3 of the attackers were shot dead by the London Police.

In this regard, The High Commission continues to strongly urge  Bahamians residing and studying in the area to be vigilant in their safety efforts while out and about in the city of London and, also, in the areas in which they reside. The High Commission encourages all Bahamians to note that our office hours are 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday and to make contact with us via email at, or via phone at 020 7408 4488.  If you have an emergency that falls outside of our office hours, please contact us via our Emergency line at 077 4814 5704.

For more information on the attacks please visit: