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Bahamian Elected to Chair IMO Sub-Committee

Captain Dwain Hutchinson, Deputy Director of the Bahamas Maritime Authority, has been elected Chairman of the International Maritime Organisation's Flag State Implementation (FSI) Committee. The appointment of Mr. Hutchinson was a departure from what was the IMO's normal practice as from inception of FSI at IMO, this committee has never been chaired by a person from any of the major flag states.

Captain Hutchinson was elected a Vice Chairman of the Sub-Committee in 2008 and was unanimously elected as Chairman of the FSI after having successfully chaired the Sub-Committee's 18th Session at short notice in July 2010.

The IMO Sub-Committee on Flag State Implementation was established in 1992 to address the varying standards between flag states in the effective implementation of the international conventions with the aim of the FSI being to improve the performance of Governments.  Amongst the important issues on the Sub-Committee's agenda are IMO Member State audit scheme, casualty analysis, harmonisation of port state control activities, the development of a mandatory Code for Recognised Organisation and the survey guidelines under the HSSC.  

This achievement by Captain Hutchinson marks an important milestone not only for The Bahamas but also for the IMO, which has entrusted the important work of this body to a major flag state.

Captain Hutchinson, who in his capacity as a BMA senior manager in the Technical Department, has been involved in the development and oversight of Bahamas national maritime policies and regional activities in the Caribbean MOU, brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

The High Commission congratulates Captain Hutchinson on this outstanding achievement.