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by His Excellency Ellison Edroy Greenslade QPM
High Commissioner of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to the Court of St. James’s
(the United Kingdom)



On behalf of my entire team at the Bahamas High Commission in London, I am delighted to welcome you to our new website, with improved features, ease of access to information, and a user-friendly environment to explore who we are and the services we offer. I am also pleased to welcome the Bahamian Diaspora in the United Kingdom and Europe to our site and I wish to encourage visits with us at the Bahamas High Commission. I want to encourage our Diaspora to register with The Bahamas High Commission in London so that they can be included when we send out notifications for events at the High Commission, information on important events in the United Kingdom and across Europe and, most importantly, as a way of keeping in touch with The Bahamas.

The Honourable Prime Minister, during a recent reception for Bahamians residing in the Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland areas, addressed the importance of our Diaspora and the need to stay connected. He stated: “Like other countries that have successfully done so, my Government will cultivate and utilize the energy of the Bahamian Diaspora. We have made a commitment to utilizing the gifts and resourcefulness of the Bahamian Diaspora around the world. It is my government’s intention to help create a global network of Bahamians to help boost national development and to create a 21st Century Bahamas.”

As High Commissioner, I add my fullest support to the efforts of the Honorable Prime Minister to encourage dialogue, cooperation and engagement by our Diaspora.  I wish to also recognise the important outreach efforts of Bahama Host and the Friends of The Bahamas, and commend the Presidents and members of both organisations for the outstanding  work they have done, and are doing, to encourage fellowship across the United Kingdom and Europe.

I trust that you will enjoy navigating our site and that you will learn new and exciting things about The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Please do not hesitate to give us your feedback and to offer us ideas for improvement.


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