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Marissa Strachan is currently completing her master’s degree in International Health and Management at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom. She has a passion for management and teaching and hopes to one day immerse herself in the world of healthcare.

Marissa is a native of Nassau, Bahamas. She has always demonstrated a strong work ethic, working at her father’s car automotive business throughout her adolescent years, serving customers, managing orders, and performing clerical duties. After completing secondary school in her home island, she ventured to Wingate University in North Carolina, USA for her higher education. While completing her bachelor’s degree in Human Services she carried on gaining work experience. She was successful in the role of teaching assistant during her final undergraduate year. She also interned as a counsellor for East Union Middle School, North Carolina. Both these roles gave her valuable experience in teaching and working with adolescents.

After graduating from Wingate University with her Bachelor’s degree, Marissa worked as an English teacher at a language academy in Guadalupe, Costa Rica. She developed herself as a tutor/teacher while immersing herself in a different culture and language. She also developed her management and communication skills by working for a personnel recruitment firm in Costa Rica. She was involved in recruitment and hiring processes and became the main English language interviewer for prospective employees.

After her year in Costa Rica, and several years of gaining experience in management and teaching, Marissa Strachan decided to develop her skills into the field of healthcare. She moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a master’s degree in International Health and Management at the University of Bradford, where she is currently completing her studies. She is a young, keen professional constantly searching for opportunities to advance and challenge herself.

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